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Yoann Losssel

Born: 1985 ● Living Artist ● Nationality: French

Midjourney 4
Stable Diffusion 1.5

About Yoann Losssel's Art

Yoann Losssel's illustrations often explore the relationship between light and darkness. His use of gold leaf and graphite help him to create images that are both striking and ethereal. The gold leaf adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to his work, while the graphite allows him to create detailed and intricate designs.

Losssel's illustrations are also characterized by their use of color. He often employs a limited palette in order to create a sense of harmony and unity in his work. He also frequently uses warm tones in his illustrations, which helps to create a sense of comfort and relaxation.

In addition to his use of color, Losssel's illustrations are also notable for their use of line and texture. He often uses thin, delicate lines in his work, which helps to create a sense of fragility and delicacy. He also frequently uses textured lines, which add a sense of depth and dimension to his illustrations.


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