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Robert Rauschenberg

Born: 1925 • Died: 2008 • Nationality: American
Also known as: Milton Ernest "Robert" Rauschenberg, Milton Ernest Rauschenberg

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About Robert Rauschenberg's Art

Robert Rauschenberg is best known for his mixed media paintings, which incorporate a variety of different materials and objects. Rauschenberg was also a highly influential figure in the development of pop art. Rauschenberg's work is characterized by a playful use of materials and a collage-like approach to composition. He often combined found objects with paint, screens and photographs, creating unique and often surprising combinations. Rauschenberg liked to experiment with a variety of different techniques, sometimes using unorthodox methods such as printing with tires or transferring images onto canvases with a commercial comptometer. The colors in Rauschenberg's paintings are often very bold and vibrant. He was particularly fond of using primary colors, which he often used in combination with black and white. Rauschenberg's use of color was often informed by his interest in early twentieth-century avant-garde movements such as Futurism and Cubism. Rauschenberg's work often includes themes relating to American culture and society. His early paintings often incorporated images from popular culture, such as comics and advertisements. Later in his career, Rauschenberg became interested in more serious subjects, such as politics and the environment. Rauschenberg's work comments on a wide range of issues, from consumerism to the Vietnam War.


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