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Clementine Hunter

Born: 1886 ● Died: 1988 ● Nationality: American

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About Clementine Hunter's Art

Clementine Hunter was a self-taught artist who worked in the Southern United States in the early part of the twentieth century. Hunter is known for her colorful and detailed paintings of everyday life in the rural South. Hunter's art is distinctive for its bright colors and bold, simple compositions.

Hunter did not begin painting until she was in her fifties, but she quickly developed her own style. Hunter's paintings are often compared to the work of folk artist Henri Rousseau. Like Rousseau, Hunter was not formally trained and her work is characterized by a naivete. However, Hunter's work is also unique in its focus on African American life and culture.

Hunter's paintings provide a window into the world of the rural South in the early twentieth century. Her paintings depict everyday scenes such as women cooking, men fishing, and children playing. Hunter also painted religious subjects, such as Baptisms and funerals. In her paintings, Hunter captured the vibrant colors and simple beauties of the world around her. .


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