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Alex Ross

Born: 1970 ● Living Artist ● Nationality: American

Midjourney 4
Stable Diffusion 1.5

About Alex Ross' Art

Alex Ross is an American comics artist whose work is known for its realistic, yet highly stylized, approach. Ross began his career in the early 1990s, working on such titles as Marvels and DC Comics's Justice League. He has since gone on to work on a variety of projects, both within the world of comics and beyond.

Ross's art is immediately recognizable for its use of strong lines and bold colors. His work often features heroes and villains in highly dramatic situations, and he has a knack for making even the most fantastical scenes feel grounded and real. In addition to his clean, precise line work, Ross is also known for his use of photo-referencing, which gives his art an added sense of realism.

The finished product often has a look that is reminiscent of classical paintings or photographs. This is intentional, as Ross strives to create images that are both visually arresting and emotionally evocative. In addition to his highly realistic artwork, Ross is also known for his use of strong, graphic compositions and his skillful use of light and shadow.


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