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Quentin Matsys

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Born: 1466 • Died: 1530 • Nationality: Flemish
Also known as: Quinten Matsys, Quentin Massys, Quintin Metsys, Quinten Matsijs

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About Quentin Matsys's Art

Matsys was one of the first artists to use oil paint and his works are characterized by their use of bright colors and strong contrast. He frequently painted religious subjects and portraits, and his work was very popular in his lifetime.

Matsys's style was influenced by his training as a goldsmith. He was skilled in detail and his paintings often feature intricate patterns and decorations. He also frequently included elements of humor in his work, which was unusual for artists of his time.

Themes in Matsys's work include religion, morality, and social commentary. He often critiqued the hypocrisy of the church and the greed of the nobility. His work was sometimes controversial, but always original.

Matsys's use of color is particularly notable. He favored bright, contrasting colors, and his paintings are often very striking. He also frequently used gold leaf in his work, which added to the richness of his palette.