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Howard Chandler Christy

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Born: 1872 • Died: 1952 • Nationality: American

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About Howard Chandler Christy's Art

Howard Chandler Christy was an American artist who worked in a number of different styles and genres. Perhaps best known for his work as an illustrator, Christy was also a successful painter, sculptor, and even a set designer. His work was often characterized by its use of bright colors and by its attention to detail.

Christy was born in 1862 in Ohio and he studied art at the Columbus College of Art and Design. After college, he moved to New York City where he began working as an illustrator. Christy's illustrations appeared in magazines such as Harper's Weekly and Scribner's Magazine. He also did illustrations for book covers and posters.

In the 1890s, Christy began experimenting with painting. He developed a style that was strongly influenced by the French Impressionists. Christy's paintings were often of attractive young women in outdoor settings. He became quite successful as a painter and he had several one-man shows of his work.