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Alice Pasquini

Born: 1980 • Living Artist • Nationality: Italian

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About Alice Pasquini's Art

Alice Pasquini is an Italian artist who is known for her street art and murals. Her art is often described as colorful and whimsical, and her themes often include women and nature.

Pasquini began her career as a street artist, and her early work was often inspired by the urban landscape around her. She has said that her work is influenced by old Italian masters, as well as pop culture and contemporary art.

In recent years, Pasquini has become known for her large-scale murals. She has completed murals in cities all over the world, including London, New York, and Rome. Pasquini often works with other artists when creating murals, and her collaborative murals are some of her most iconic work.

Pasquini’s art is often joyful and optimistic, and her use of color is integral to her aesthetic. Pasquini has said that she uses color to “create a mood or atmosphere” in her work. She often incorporates muted colors into her street art, which she says allows her art to “blend in” with the urban landscape.


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