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Vincent van Gogh

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Born: 1853 • Died: 1890 • Nationality: Dutch

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About Vincent van Gogh's Art

One of the most striking aspects of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings is his use of color. He is not afraid to use bold, bright colors in his paintings. This is one of the things that makes his paintings so distinctive and recognizable. Van Gogh was also not afraid to experiment with different color combinations in his paintings. He would often use colors that were not typically used together in order to create interesting effects.

Another aspect of van Gogh’s style that is worth mentioning is his use of brushstrokes. He often used thick, rough brushstrokes in his paintings. This gave his paintings a lot of texture and made them look very different from the smooth, more polished paintings of other artists. Van Gogh’s brushstrokes were often impulsive and expressive, which reflects his emotional and passionate nature.

Van Gogh’s paintings often have a dreamlike quality to them. This is due to his use of swirling, curved lines in his paintings. These lines often give the impression of movement, even when the painting is static. The use of these lines also gives van Gogh’s paintings a sense of energy and vibrancy.


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