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Ross Bleckner

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Born: 1949 • Living Artist • Nationality: American

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About Ross Bleckner's Art

Ross Bleckner is an American artist who is best known for his paintings which often incorporate geometric forms and explore the subjects of memory, loss, and desire. His work is sometimes compared to that of the Abstract Expressionists, as both Bleckner and the Abstract Expressionists were influenced by the painting style of the European Surrealists. However, Bleckner's work is unique in its focus on light and color, as well as its often ethereal quality.

Bleckner's early work was heavily influenced by his experience of loss and grief, first from the death of his father when Bleckner was only sixteen, and then from the AIDS epidemic which claimed the lives of many of his friends and colleagues. This experience is reflected in his paintings through the use of light and dark, as well as the inclusion of images that may be hidden or barely visible. In his later work, Bleckner began to explore the idea of memory, both personal and collective. He often used repetition in his paintings, as well as symbols that are associated with memory, such as books or clocks.

Bleckner's use of color is often described as muted or subdued. This is due in part to his use of a limited palette, as well as his preference for matte finishes. However, Bleckner's use of color is also strategic, as he often uses it to create a sense of atmosphere or mood. For example, the color blue is often used in his paintings to represent sadness or loss, while the color white is used to represent hope or purity.

The subjects of Bleckner's paintings are often difficult to define, as they often explore multiple themes simultaneously. However, some recurring themes include memory, loss, desire, and hope. His work often reflects his own personal experiences, as well as the wider social and political landscape. In recent years, Bleckner has also begun to explore the idea of digital technology and its impact on our lives.


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