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Josef Sudek

Born: 1896 • Died: 1976 • Nationality: Czech

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About Josef Sudek's Art

Josef Sudek was a Czech photographer who is widely considered one of the masters of the art form. He is best known for his atmospheric, evocative images of his native city of Prague. Sudek began his career working in the pictorialist style while studying under Jaromir Funke. He soon began to experiment with his own photography, and by the 1930s he had developed his own distinctive style.

Sudek's photography is characterized by a mastery of light and composition. He often used long exposures to capture the ethereal quality of his subjects. His images often have a dreamlike quality, as if viewed through a veil. Sudek was also a master of detail, and his photographs are often filled with rich visual textures.

Sudek's subjects were varied, but he was particularly drawn to architectural subjects and cityscapes. He also photographed still lifes, landscapes, and portraits.