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Kelly McKernan

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Born: 1986 • Living Artist • Nationality: American

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About Kelly McKernan's Art

Kelly McKernan’s work is often described as whimsical, ethereal, and dreamlike. Her characters are often females with flower crowns or antlers, and they are often set against delicate, detailed backgrounds. McKernan’s work is heavily influenced by folklore and fairy tales, and she often includes hidden symbols and meanings in her work.

McKernan’s work is characterized by its use of bright, saturated colors. Her palette is often compared to that of candy. McKernan’s work often has a sense of movement and fluidity to it. McKernan includes a lot of detail in her work, both in the foreground and background. She often uses repeated patterns and motifs, such as flowers and leaves, throughout her work.


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Artist Commentary on AI Art

2023/01/30 - Artists vs. AI
This is a transcript from an NPR podcast called "The Indicator from Planet Money". Kelly McKernan is a guest.

2023/02/10 - Is A.I. Art Stealing from Artists?
From The New Yorker. Article by Kyle Chayka with comments from Kelly McKernan.