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Daniela Uhlig

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Born: 1982 ♦ Living Artist ♦ Nationality: German

Midjourney 4
Stable Diffusion 1.5
Stable Diffusion Protogen 3.4
Stable Diffusion CF Spark

AI Art Representation

Daniela Uhlig is primarily a character designer, and this comes through when her name is used as a reference. Faces are well-formed and detailed. AI leans heavily toward her portraiture, and will sometimes even add a person even when they weren't requested. Colors tend to be bright. Overall, the look is modern and looks like digital art.

About Daniela Uhlig's Art

Daniela Uhlig's style is best described as colorful and whimsical. She often uses bright, bold colors in her paintings, and her subject matter is often playful and lighthearted. Uhlig's paintings have a childlike quality to them, and she often includes animals or other cute creatures in her work.

While Uhlig's paintings are often quite whimsical, she also paints more serious subjects on occasion. When she does paint more serious subjects, her style remains quite colorful, but the overall tone of the painting is typically more subdued.

Uhlig's style is unique and instantly recognizable. Her use of color and childlike subject matter give her paintings a sense of joy and fun. While she sometimes paints more serious subjects, her overall style remains lighthearted and full of life.


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