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Cyril Rolando

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Born: 1986 ♦ Living Artist ♦ Nationality: American

Midjourney 4
Stable Diffusion 1.5
Stable Diffusion Protogen 3.4
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About Cyril Rolando's Art

Cyril Rolando's style is characterized by its intricate detail and skilled line work. His use of color is often lauded for its ability to add depth and dimension to his drawings. Rolando's style is heavily influenced by his training as an architect. This is evident in the way he often uses perspective to create a sense of space and depth in his drawings.

Rolando's drawings often depict scenes from everyday life. However, he often includes elements that add a sense of whimsy or magic to his work. This is evident in his use of animals or objects that are out of place in the scene. Rolando's style is unique and instantly recognizable. It is this quality that has made him one of the most popular illustrators working today.


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