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Charlie Bowater

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Born: 1988 • Living Artist • Nationality: British

Midjourney 4
Midjourney 4
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AI Art Representation

Charlie Bowater is a digital artist that is represented with a soft, painterly look in AI. Colors are usually pastel or earthy with strong lighting effects. AI is heavily biased toward rendering portraits in this artist's style; it may insert human portraits even when they aren't part of the prompt.

About Charlie Bowater's Art

Charlie Bowater is a self-taught conceptual artist and illustrator known for her elaborate, fantastical images. Drawing upon a range of influences including art nouveau, gothic art, and fantasy literature, Bowater creates images that are at once beautiful and haunting.

Bowater's style is characterized by an intricate attention to detail. Her use of light and shadow creates a sense of depth and mystery, while her use of color adds to the overall otherworldly feel of her work.

While Bowater's work is clearly influenced by the art of the past, she also injects a healthy dose of her own unique style. Her work is both timeless and contemporary, managing to captivate viewers with its underlying sense of magic and wonder.


If you like this artist's style, you may want to learn more about them and take a look at their real artwork. Charlie Bowater's official website.